Logbook Your Year

I’ve been keeping a logbook since 2014, and it’s become one of my most important tools. I use a logbook to track my life, capture ideas and experiences, and remember my days.

I encourage you to try one this year.

What’s a logbook?

It’s a place to log the events of your day as they happen, rather than a traditional dear diary you might have tried before. Traditional diary approaches never stuck with me, but the logbook has.

A logbook can be anything you’d like. For the last 800+ days, I’ve been focused on my health, and have used a daily log to keep track of my sleep quality, weight, water intake, and exercise — all while documenting the positive impact these habits are having on my life.

You can use it as a bullet journal to track your tasks, or to sketch out ideas. Whatever you find important.

I keep track of a few key daily tasks, then use there remaining space to capture memorable quotes, or sketchnote ideas or experiences.

My logbook is a keystone tool that makes a difference in my life.

Start a Logbook!

January is a great time to buy an empty notebook and start your own logbook. It doesn’t matter that you’ve missed a week or two!

Pick up a Baron Fig Confidant, or a Leuchtturm Dot-Grid notebook. If you like defined dates, consider a Hobonichi Techo, a Baron Fig Planner, or a Moleskine Daily Planner.

It doesn’t matter what book you use — just begin with something! If your book fills up, or doesn’t work after a while, try a new one.

Remember: a logbook is for you. Keep experimenting until it fits.

Logbook, Journaling and Planning Resources

Here are some resources I’ve gathered on logbooks, journaling, and planning that will help you set up your system.


A Year of Daily Logging (Mike Rohde)
On Keeping a Logbook (Austin Kleon)


How to cultivate a journaling habit (QuoVadis)
Why You Should Keep a Journal (LifeHacker)
The Love of Journaling (Bullet Journalist)
Make Journaling one of the Best Things You Do In 2018 (Ryan Holiday)
Journal To Improve Yourself and Achieve Your Goals (Benjamin Hardy)
Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook (Srini Rao)


The Daily Plan Bar (Mike Rohde)
The Bullet Journal Method (Book by Ryder Carroll)
Bullet Journal Creator Ryder Carroll (Sketchnote Army Podcast)
Planning Tips and Strategies (JetPens)
Hobonichi Techno Planner Gude Video (JetPens)
Bullet Journal Creator Ryder Carroll (Sketchnote Army Podcast)
The importance of revisiting notebooks (Austin Kleon)

Give a logbook a go this year. You’ll love it!

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